The Daily Clip: Time For Some High Voltage Action

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Welcome one and all to today’s addition of The DailyClip. I’ve been running around in BattleField 4 lately playing the assault class and rocking the medkit and the defibrillator. I just so happened to come across this sneaky little guy and figured he looked primed for a little dose of high electric fun.

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Battlefield 4 Was My Most Disappointing Game Of 2013

hahaha true true

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Before I begin this short but hopefully completely justified rant it’s important to clarify that something being disappointing is not the same as something being bad. It’s a fairly common misconception, one usually found on teh Internetz, but disappointing merely means that the thing in question did not live up to your expectations, whatever those may have been, therefore it’s entirely possible for a game to be outstanding, but still ultimately disappointing. Of course disappointment and poor quality do often go hand in hand, skipping down the street like best buddies intent on ruining all of our lives.

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