GTA V – Review

Here’s some in-depth review on GTA V

Wolf's Gaming Blog


Available On: Xbox 360 and PS3
Reviewed On: Xbox 360
Developer: Rockstar
Publisher: Take-Two
Singleplayer: yes
Multiplayer: yes (available on October 1st)
PEGI: 18+

Regardless of the words I type, of those spoken in a video or written by a professional critic, you’ve already played Grand Theft Auto V. Simply said the reviews never mattered for Rockstar’s latest epic, because millions and millions of people would nonetheless purchase it. Like Halo, Gears of War, Uncharted and Call of Duty Grand Theft Auto is nearly bullet proof because of its name. Countless reviews are splattered across the internet already, and in so many of them I’ve noticed a worrying trend in which they do nothing but praise the game while never touching upon any of the flaws, treating it with a godlike status simply because of the name of the box. So, grab a coffee, kids, this is going to be…

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