Nintendo Is Second Best Publisher In Europe’s Top 20 Half-Year Software Sales

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new_super_mario_bros_2_mario_flying.jpgGerman-based GamesMarkt Magazine has published Europe’s top 20 half-year software sales for 2013, which has led to some surprising results. The table – which you can see here – charts the best-selling games in the all-formats chart from January to June this year, so don’t expect to see Animal Crossing: New Leaf jumping up the chart. However, there are two Nintendo 3DS games that have featured in the top 20 – Luigi’s Mansion 2 places in at number 17 and New Super Mario Bros. 2 joins just behind at number 18. Just Dance 4 – released for Wii and Wii U, as well as Xbox 30 and PlayStation 3 – also features at number 12, but there’s no information relating to how many sold on each platform.

Within the top 10 publishers, Nintendo places second but is pushed out of the top spot by Electronic Arts, with their FIFA 13…

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