TGIF is as TGIF Does

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When I was working for the man (so to speak) I put in half days (12 Hours) and was always glad to see Friday come around. The day had a magic ring to it. I can’t think of another day when the human race gives thanks to the deity who made it happen. Even the day of worship does not have an acronym that makes the emotion of its arrival instantly recognizable to anyone who hears it. TGIF! What a wonderful thought. Thank god its Friday.

So now that I work on my own in my cold water, heatless garret that I have nicknamed Bob Cratchett for obvious reasons, the arrival of Friday does not have the mystical attraction it used to. There is no reason to rush into the street, slide into a pub and hoist what will be way too many tankards of ale in celebration. After all; when…

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