When it comes to the internet of things, Europe’s holding its own


While plenty of technology and innovation is coming out of Silicon Valley, Europe has heavily embraced the concepts of the internet of things for a lot longer than those in mainstream Bay Area circles, and several interesting companies are getting their start there. Plus, the high cost of labour makes automation enabled by sensors and connectivity a wise investment for many small manufacturers in many European countries.

That’s one reason we’re focusing on the internet of things at our Structure:Europe conference next month in London. We’ve got Michael Simon, the chairman and CEO of LogMeIn(s logm) coming to discuss Xively, a platform for offering connected hardware and services. Since its launch in mid-May, Xively is seeing about 70 developers a day signing up to test its cloud with about 50 percent of those coming from the U.S. and 40 percent coming from Europe, says Les Yetton of Xively.

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