Here’s The Opening Movie For Monster Hunter 4

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The latest breathtaking Monster Hunter 4 video is the game’s opening movie, just released by Capcom Japan on the company’s official Youtube Channel. The clip features an epic battle with a Tigrex while showcasing some of the new features of Monster Hunter 4, such as the new Insect Staff weapon and the player’s ability to attack monsters by jumping and grabbing onto them.

Capcom is supremely confident in the game, recently stating that they want Monster Hunter 4 to break historic video game sales records. Although previous installments originated on Sony consoles, Monster Hunter 4 is now a 3DS exclusive that will launch in Japan on September 14th.

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UK Chart: The Wonderful 101 Debuts Outside Top 20, Swoops In At 22

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wonderful_101_close_upThe UK chart is now in courtesy of UKIE, and it’s a disappointing start for Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 as it swoops in at number 22, just outside the top 20 within the all-formats. In the individual charts it sees improvement and takes its position at number 14. Despite Nintendo’s marketing efforts – The Wonderful 101 Direct and heavy promotional slots aptly named “Wonderful Wednesday” on Nintendo’s Twitter account – it’s a disappointment in terms of sales. But looking at the bigger sales picture, the super-charged super hero game was released August 23, just two days before the UK chart was drawn up, and has been the focus of some favourable reviews. Plus, there’s a neat 30% European eShop discount if bought with Pikmin 3 until September 21, so no doubt many have opted for a digital download.

Disney have regained some notoriety this week with their…

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Digital Foundry: Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U Looks Great, Let Down By Frame Rate And Loading Times

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Tech analysis site Digital Foundry has compared the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U versions of Splinter Cell: Blacklist in an effort to gauge which version comes off the best. The Wii U version produces a full 1280×720 internal framebuffer, backed up by 2x multi-sample anti-aliasing. However, the game is let down from lengthy bouts of 20fps performance and sluggish loading times. You can read the full comparison, here.

“V-sync is permanently engaged for Nintendo’s platform, adding to its credentials as one of the better-presented versions of the game overall – and it even outperforms the 360 during earlier in-engine cinematics. However, from the moment Sam Fisher enters the Paladin aircraft, it’s clear this isn’t to last. We suffer from lengthy bouts of 20fps performance during most briefing scenes here, plus similarly sluggish levels of refresh while at the heart of larger shoot-outs.”

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Nintendo Targets 5 Million 3DS Sales Goal For Japan This Year

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nintendo_3ds_xl_blackNintendo is continuing to drive sales of the 3DS by targeting sales upwards of 5 million units in Japan this year. The company is continuing to gain momentum for its handheld console which has continued to be the best-selling system for a number of weeks in Japan. Satoru Iwata announced the sales goal earlier today and was quick to remind the media and shareholders alike that last year they sold 5.5 million 3DS handhelds from 13.95 million units globally, and are predicting 18 million units in global sales this fiscal year.

With Monster Hunter 4 launching September 14 for Japan, as well as the Pokemon X and Y games on October 12, followed by the rumoured special 3DS XL bundles, there’s no doubt Nintendo shall reach their 5 million goal. As reported by Bloomberg, Satoru Iwata said the following in support of the target:

“There are more and more…

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Samsung to show Galaxy Gear smartwatch next week


After a season of speculation, Samsung has finally spoken up to The Korea Times about its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The Korean company confirmed longstanding rumors that its foray into wearable technology will, in fact, make a public appearance on September 4 in Berlin, Germany.

Samsung’s Executive Vice President of Mobile Business, Lee Young-hee, confirmed the event’s date — which is slated two days before the Berlin IFA show. Given the Galaxy Gear moniker, it’s likely the smartwatch will be powered by Android. Young-hee also shed some light on the technological aspects of the device, particularly that it won’t have a flexible display. While she declined to go into more detail, the watch will probably not stray too far from the patent Samsung filed earlier this month.

The smartwatch space has been bursting at the seams this year, with both big companies and independent hardware manufacturers alike getting in on…

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