Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active’s warranty proves phones and water don’t mix



The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active might be ‘whoops-proof,’ as Samsung likes to say, but that doesn’t mean you should take it with you on your next trip to the beach. Even though the phone carries an IP67 rating against dust and water immersion, its warranty doesn’t actually cover dust or water damage. Whoops.

It recently came to light on Reddit, along with customer reviews on Amazon and AT&T, that some early Active adopters were experiencing problems with the phone after using it underwater. Ordinarily this isn’t the type of complaint you hear from experienced smartphone users. After all, if you drop a standard Galaxy S 4 into the toilet, you stick it in a bag of rice, hope for the best, and move on if it doesn’t recover. Water damage is just one of the risks you’re willing to put up with when you buy a delicate device.

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