Nintendo Reports A Profit Despite Wii U Shifting 160K In Three Months

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wii_u_console_and_controllerNintendo has just released their quarterly financial results and – despite poor Wii U sales – have recorded an overall profit between April and June 2013. The company has recorded a net sales earning of 81.5 billion yen (around £545 million), down from 84.8 billion yen in the same few months from 2012. Operating income saw a loss of just 4.9 billion (around $50 million/£33 million) compared to 2012’s results of 10.3 billion. Nintendo, then, saw an overall net profit of 8.62 billion yen (around $88 million/£58 million) this year, which is comparatively huge when you look at its 17.23 billion yen loss between April and June 2012.

Hardware sales for the Wii U shifted just 160,000 worldwide – the majority (90,000) coming from Japan, with North America second at 60,000 units and Europe and Australia trailing behind with only 10,000 hardware sales. In their financial report, Nintendo noted that…

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