P.C GAME REVIEW:Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods – All Hail Mighty Thor!

Published on June 5, 2013, by Kasey Milinkovich

Norse ThemedCrusader Kings IIInterface, Easier to Declare Wars, Looting is a Blast, Revamped Upgrade System

Horrible Graphics, Lackluster Tutorials

Released in 2012, Crusader Kings II has swept the grand strategy world and has emerged has the most popular Paradox game in 2013. The series is known for its brutal style of strategic gameplay.
Players start off as either a count, duke, king and/or emperor. Players will have a whole family line that will challenge them for their thrones, try to kill them, or do many other sinister things. Think of Crusader Kings II as Game of Thrones the game. You can murder everyone in your family if you wish, even children. Whatever it takes to hold your title. Murdering someone is not something you can fire and forget about though. Each action you make in the game will affect your character and those around him. Important decisions face your character each day. Examples include marrying people
in your court, waging wars against other territories, crushing rebellions, and many other situations will arise.

Paradox has constantly expanded Crusader Kings II with expansions and micro-DLC. The latest expansion in the Crusader Kings II universe is the Old Gods. The Old Gods handles the Viking Age of the early to high middle ages. The game starts 200 years before the original Crusader Kings in 867. Ragnar Lodbrok has just been killed by King Ælla of Northumbria
and Ragnar’s sons are wreaking havoc in the British Isles. The game starts out just as Crusader Kings II, but lets you pick Pagan and Zoroastrian territories in 867.


The Old Gods adds many new features to Crusader Kings II. The most welcome is the new upgrade system. Players can now choose what upgrades they want at a specific time with enough research. A new interface which resembles a Norse style has also been introduced into the game, when playing as Pagans. The new interface doesn’t change anything in Crusader Kings II, but adds another level of enjoyability to the overall experience. One feature that has not improved are the graphics. Player models, such as armies and councils, still look horrible. The models have been updated to resemble Norse figures though.

Norse rulers have one thing that no other ruler has, the power to declare war on almost anyone at any time. Norse can declare wars for reasons as simple as just wanting to take neighboring land. I first started off as a duke of in Norway, within a hundred years I had already taken over Norway and declared myself as the king. While the Norse were incredibly brutal and fearsome in real life, the game feels too easy at points. Other Norse events can occur throughout the game. Taking prisoners is common and once every nine years a ruler can call a viking ritual and sacrifice his prisoners to the all-powerful Gods.

The Old Ggaming-crusader-kings-2-the-old-gods-concept-artods doesn’t change up any of the ideas from Crusader Kings II, but rather expands it. Paradox has made a highly enjoyable expansion for fans to mess with history for 200 additional years. It is the best expansion Paradox has released for Crusader Kings II so far.

#8 Overall Score

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